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Shopaholic Planner Cover

$ 12.50

Interchangeable Planner Cover

This listing is for an original Stylish Planner Interchangeable Cover (front and back cover included). Made to fit your Erin Condren Life Planner™, The Happy Planner® (all sizes), Recollections Planner or Plum Planner.

 D E T A I L S

- Front and Back cover included
- Sturdy 10mil lamination
- High quality images/color - true to picture
- Inside of each cover is white
- Rounded corners

 P L E A S E  R E A D 
- If you select the LG Happy Planner® option (8.5'x11'), please note that the cover will not cover the planner tabs like the original Happy Planner® cover does, but is not far off.
- This listing does NOT include the actual planner or any of the accessories shown in listing images. Those are for staging purposes only.
- This item and all other items in my shop are for your personal use only - not for resale under any condition.
- Please Visit my shop's FAQ section for additional details.  


Planner Type Dimensions
Erin Condren Life Planner™ 7'x9'
Erin Condren Teacher Planner  8.5'x11'
The Happy Planner® CLASSIC 7.5'x9.5' (9 discs)
The Happy Planner® MINI 5'x7.25' (7 discs)
The Happy Planner® LARGE 8.5'x11' (11 discs)
Recollections Planner 7.5'x9.25'
Recollections Planner LARGE 9'x11.5'
Plum Paper Planner 7.25'x9.25'

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